The William Guy Forbeck Research Foundation was established in 1984 by George and Jennifer Forbeck in the memory of their son, Billy, who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer. In the year that followed his diagnosis, Billy’s courage and his concern for the other children that he encountered in hospital who were also affected by cancer inspired both his doctors and his family.

Evolution of a Research Agenda

The Forbeck family saw that in order to figure out how to treat this devastating disease they needed to connect the doctors and researchers that knew anything about this disease. The doctors were willing to share ideas and brainstorm on potential treatment approaches. Inspired by this collaboration that they had seen during their clinical journey with Billy, the family established the William Guy Forbeck Research Foundation, with a mission to promote advances in the field of oncology, particularly pediatric oncology, in Billy’s memory.
Since 1985 the Forbeck Foundation has funded scientific think tanks, an international database connecting research globally and Scientific research projects to find new approaches to advance cancer research and to foster collaborative research among institutions and interdisciplinary research.

Our Mission

With its origin in pediatric cancer, the William Guy Forbeck Research Foundation promotes advances in cancer research through collaboration.

Our Vision

The vision of the William Guy Forbeck Research Foundation is to see cures for all cancers, especially neuroblastoma and other childhood malignancies.

Our Strategies

Established in 1985 by George and Jennifer Forbeck, from its inception the William Guy Forbeck Research Foundation has addressed its mission through a unique approach: by focusing on driving communications and collaborations between scientists and clinicians. Building these connections are vital facilitators of advancing oncology research.

The Foundation will organize meetings that foster research and encourage cooperation among the most brilliant minds in cancer research to break down the existing barriers of time, space, and organizational myopia. The Foundation will directly support research and other activities it deems necessary to help achieve the Mission.

Our Programs

The programs of the William Guy Forbeck Research Foundation (WGFRF) are as follows, and are overseen by the Scientific Advisory Board, a distinguished panel of physicians and scientists:

  • The Annual Forum
  • The Scholar Retreat
  • Focus Meeting Awards
  • The International Neuroblastoma Staging System and International Neuroblastoma Risk Group
  • The Interactive INRG Database
  • Collaborative Research Program



Our Board of Directors

The William Guy Forbeck Research Foundation was launched with the help of dedicated people who cared for the Forbeck family and shared George and Jennifer’s vision.  WGFRF has been blessed to have some of the original founding Directors and their children still active as well as new volunteers.  Many individuals have volunteered their expertise and efforts to significantly benefit the foundation.  
The Board is always seeking new energy and ideas.  Please contact a board member or to discuss opportunities to join the Forbeck Foundation.
The Board of Directors works with the Scientific Advisory Board to ensure WGFRF’s mission is being pursued effectively.  The Board remains active throughout the year by meeting in-person during the Annual Forum as well as hosting conference calls throughout the year.


President Charles H. Jesser, CPA
Vice President David Collins
SecretaryJamie Forbeck Collins
Treasurer Matthew Gerdes
Chandler Dimberg
Hon. William Herbkersman
Aaron H. Jesser
William O. Kasten
Harris McMurry
Ronald Miller
Luis E. Taveras, PhD
Maureen J. Wheeler
John T. Kemshead, PhD,
FRCPath, Scientific Advisory Board Chairman

Emeritus Members

Joseph W. Black, MD
David R. Barry Jr.
Hon. Sol Blatt Jr.
James A. Buchanan
Charles H. Drawdy
Edward R. Frick
Jennifer K. Forbeck
Thomas A. Geldermann
Hon. Ernest F. Hollings
Terence J. Irmen
T.L. Sam Irmen
Ann Huber
Kasten Montague
T. Laffitte
Joseph Laver, MD
Hayden Leason
Michael Leason
William Terlato
Nancy K. Wellard