The Annual Forum is a small and intimate venue for open discussion, sharing and collaboration – a ‘think tank’ for cancer research.  The Forum is limited to a 15-20 attendees who represent the cream of oncology expertise from around the world.  The Forum theme, chairs and attendees are identified each year by the WGFRF Scientific Advisory Board. The unique format of this meeting results in informal, open discussion and debate. It is not a place to present already published results. The protected environment allows for real advancement in cancer research and collaborations.  The model implemented for the Forum is now duplicated by many other organizations.  Although it can be hard to quantify the results from this meeting the Forbeck meeting is highly regarded in the cancer research community and it is an honor to participate. Novel ideas and approaches come out of every meeting.

Key Objectives

  • Initiate new and novel paths in science
  • Bridge the gap between institutions and scientific specializations

Metrics of Success

  • Published articles resulting from the meeting
  • Collaborations
  • Follow up projects


The 2018 Annual Forum will be held November 8-11 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and is focused on the topic of Cancer Predisposition. The Co-Chairs are John M. Maris, MD, University of Pennsylvania and Judy E. Garber, MD, MPH, Harvard University