The Interactive International Neuroblastoma Risk Group Database: 2013 Progress Report

The overall goal of this project is to develop a web-based, Interactive International Neuroblastoma Risk Group database (iINRGdb) that will facilitate international, multi-institutional, interdisciplinary research in childhood neuroblastoma, advance our understanding of the pathogenesis of this neoplasm, and ultimately lead to the development of more effective treatment strategies for children with neuroblastoma. We also foresee that technologies developed and implemented as part of this initiative will be applicable across a wide variety of pediatric and adult malignancies. We have obtained IRB approval from the University of Chicago to house the INRG data and to develop the iINRGdb (IRB # 10-568-A).

The specific aims of the Forbeck Grant are: 1) to establish a comprehensive, integrated multi- consortium database of neuroblastoma patients and develop a front-end user interface for creating complex queries; 2) to link query results to international tissue and biological databanks in order to establish the description and availability of patient samples and / or data; and 3) to link query results to publicly-available datasets in order to automate biological pathway analysis and the integration of multiple orthogonal datasets.