The Forbeck Foundation furthers its mission through programming that fosters collaboration. The factor that sets the various scientific think tanks, collaborative research grants, International Neuroblastoma Database, and additional innovative initiatives apart from other organizations is an extremely distinguished and committed Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). It is rare for an organization to have the caliber of scientific guidance and passion that the Forbeck Foundation has in its SAB. This group, with its diverse background in oncology, always selects cutting edge topics for think tank scholars that, in high percentage, become directors of institutions and investigation that will profoundly affect the direction of cancer treatments and research.

To date, the William Guy Forbeck Research Foundation has sponsored

  • 32 Annual Forums in Hilton Head, SC

  • 12 Scholar Retreats in Lake Geneva, WI

  • 4 International Neuroblastoma meetings with 6 publications from INSS/INRG

  • Funding for the creation of the Interactive International Research Group database.

  • 13 Focus Meetings

  • Participation of over 600 scientists and clinicians from 22 countries in these meetings

  • 3 Collaborative Research Projects (program launched in 2015)

  • Founded the Neuroblastoma Consortium

  • Sponsor Advances in Neuroblastoma Research (ANR) seminal bi annual Neuroblastoma meeting

  • List of collaborative papers are available

  • Sample of clinical trials initiated at science think tanks are available

  • The Society for Functional Precision Medicine

For 30 years the Forbeck Foundation has been an excellent steward of donor funds and remained focused on executing its mission. All funds directly support scientific think tanks and collaborative research projects. Not many organizations born out of Neuroblastoma have the longevity of WGFRF. The average life span of NB foundations is 5 years. This organization has a great reputation along with history to show that we are not going anywhere until this fight is done. WGFRF has provided a unique think tank setting for scientists over the years. Now it is time to do more. The William Guy Forbeck Research Foundation is very enthusiastic about new programs such as the Collaborative Research Program. The first year of research results are mere months away. Continued growth of the INRG database is facilitating neuroblastoma progression around the world. Increasing the amount of funded research and advancements are forefront for the organization.


The Annual Forum

  • The cornerstone program of WGFRF

  • Intimate 3 day think tank

  • Innovative format of collaboration which has been adopted by many other organizations


The Scholar Retreat

  • Attended by junior scientist recognized for future promise in oncology

  • Scholars attend for 4 years

  • Notable 3 day retreat with senior scientific mentors and interdisciplinary insight

  • Unique educational, career, and networking opportunity

Focus Meeting Awards

  • Cultivates the next generation of cancer researchers

  • Awarded to Forbeck Scholars

  • Competitive international opportunities for addressing topics in oncology

The International Neuroblastoma Staging System and International Neuroblastoma Risk Group

  • Consortium of over 60 international neuroblastoma researchers and clinicians

  • Developed and maintains the universal classification criteria for neuroblastoma diagnosis and clinical management

  • Led to the development of an international database for neuroblastoma research

  • Centered at the University of Chicago under the guidance of Dr. Susan Cohn

  • Accrued clinical data on over 10,000 neuroblastoma patients

  • Online access allows for international resources for researchers and clinicians


Collaborative Research Program

  • Promotes collaboration between scientists and institutions

  • 2 year program with possibility of a third year pending review

  • Supports new methods of collaboration and communication in oncology

Overview of scientific programs