The Foundation greatly appreciates all donations, which go directly towards funding Forbeck Foundation scientific think tanks and research.  For those who like to know exactly where their donation is going consider one of these sponsorship opportunities.  Sponsorships give you a direct connection to what you are funding and the results. 


WGFRF welcomes the opportunity for your memorialize or honor a person but being a Title Sponsor for a meeting.  There are multiple meetings on various aspects of cancer research.  This could be a great way to get involved in cancer research and help fight the fight with our loved ones.  This also provides great opportunity for recognition for a company or individual.  


Sponsor A Scholar- $4,000

 Each year four new scholars are selected to attend the Retreat, a 4 year program.  Your pledge of $1,000 each year (totaling $4,000) will directly support a Scholar’s participation in the think tank.  An individual scholar will be identified with your pledge.

You will be invited to the Dinner with the Scientists during the Scholar Retreat.  

Receive (2) tickets to the Blue Jean Ball.

Sponsors are recognized at the event, in the annual newsletter, on the web site, and in association with any news about their Sponsored Scholar..

SCHOLAR RETREAT Sponsorship Levels

This Sponsor will be honored on the following years invitation and receive 4 tickets to the Blue Jean Ball. They will also be included in the Retreat’s Kick Off Dinner, Scholar Dinner and invited to attend the Annual Forum in Hilton Head, SC. This is an opportunity to mingle the great scientific minds of our time in a casual setting.

Your donation will directly fund the attendance of a senior investigator to participate at the Scholar Retreat. The sponsor will receive (2) tickets to the Blue Jean Ball and an invitation to the Scholar Dinner.

In addition to the recognition, you will also receive (2) tickets to the Blue Jean Ball.

All Sponsors will be recognized at the event, in the annual newsletter and on the web site.

To learn more about Sponsorships or to see biographies of Forbeck Scholars available for sponsorship please contact admin@wgfrf.org.