2022 Fall Scholar Retreat

The fall meeting season kicks off with the return of our Fall Scholar Retreat!

The Scholar Retreat invites scholars and mentors to attend a 3-day meeting. This meeting focuses on bringing junior scientists together from various areas of cancer research. The collaborations and new ideas that come from this meeting have been numerous and outstanding. The mentors provide great guidance regarding science and career for these junior scientists.

This meeting will be held at the Abbey Resort in Fontana Wisconsin and chaired by

  • Alejandro Sweet-Cordero, MD of University of California San Francisco
  • Jinming Gao, PhD of UT Southwestern
  • Ben Stranger, MD, PhD of University of Pennsylvania

This year we will host a record number of scholars due to the increased demand in our Scholar Program. Scholars attending this meeting will represent past and future meetings including

  • Cancer Predisposition
  • Telomeres, Senescence and Telomerase
  • Leukemia Stem Cells, Heterogeneity, and Metabolism
  • DIPG
  • Cancer and Aging
  • 3D Chromosomal Architecture and Nuclear Topology
  • Leveraging Synthetic Lethality to Treat Cancer
  • Targeted Therapies in Pediatric Cancers
  • Immunotherapies and Mechanisms of Immune Escape
  • Emerging Strategies to Overcome Heterogeneous Resistance Mechanisms
  • Cellular Reprogramming and Metastatic Disease
  • Uncovering New Mechanisms of LKB1
  • The Genesis and Function of Extrachromosomal Oncogene Amplifications in Cancer
  • New Insights into the Role of Microbes in Cancer
  • Neuroendocrine Cell Fate in Development and Cancer
  • Graft vs. Host Disease
  • Dynamic Histone Methylation and Chromatin Organization in Tumor Suppression
  • Diet and Metabolic Therapeutics in Cancer
  • Cancer and Genomic Dark Matter
  • Aneuploidy in Cancer Development, Prognosis and Treatment

We can't wait to see what these scholars can do when given the opportunity to connect and share stories and ideas.

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