2022 - Year in Review

2022 has brought an exceptionally busy time now that the world has resumed.  Now that we are running 10 meetings per year, we are a bit overwhelmed but loving all the enthusiasm for Forbeck Forums in the scientific community. However, we have not fully resumed fundraising activities and there is a lot to fund now!

2022 has presented not just an astounding number of meetings but from an incredibly complex and novel array of topics in cancer research.  Researchers who have attended a past Forbeck Forum and appreciate the unique structure of these meetings, can apply for meetings. Now after each meeting participants are so enthusiastic that they apply for meetings right away.  As I write this, the Scientific Advisory Board is reviewing 11 meetings requests that have come in over the last month. It is a very exciting time for the Foundation and for scientific research. There are truly novel topics, that could revolutionize cancer research, being given a voice thanks to Forbeck Forums.

We also now have Forbeck Scholars for all Forums.  This has exponentially grown our Scholar program so that we host 2 Scholar Retreats per year and within those meetings have to run several simultaneous sessions.  From this larger group of scholars we are also getting meeting requests, as well as requests to attend other Forums. The Forbeck Foundation is thriving in its efforts in cancer research.

Charles Ishak of Princess Margaret Cancer Center sent this message after the most recent retreat…

“Thank you for such a great experience at the Forbeck Scholar’s Retreat. At every Forbeck event I have attended I have gained so much from the multidisciplinary cross-pollination. Every meeting I have attended has resulted in opportunities to apply to faculty positions and has resulted in two new project collaborations so far. I can’t think of another meeting that offers this amazing opportunity for small comprehensive discussions and personal connections. Thank you once again for your efforts that are pushing the science forward closer towards patient impact.”  

We all are so fortunate to have the opportunity to do our part in battling this horrific disease.  Please support us as the tendrils of the Forbeck Foundation’s effect on cancer research continues to grow and make a unique and important difference.

Yours truly,

Jamie F. Collins

Executive Director

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