2024 Meetings Approved

2024 is shaping up to be another full year as the Scientific Advisory Board has approved eight new meeting topics in addition to the annual Spring and Fall Scholar Retreats.

Environment, host and Tumor Interactions

  • Janelle Ayres of The Salk Institute
  • Mark Febbraio of Monash University

Non-genetic Drug Tolerance Mechanisms: From Bacteria to Cancer

  • Shruti Bhatt, PhD of National University of Singapore
  • Yaara Oren of Tel Aviv University

Cancer and Nanotechnology

  • Jinming Gao of UT Southwestern Medical Center

Molecular mechanisms driving Metastasis: moving discovery towards therapy

  • Raul Mostoslavsky of Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Karen Vousden of the Francis Crick Institute
  • Salvador Aznar Benitah of IRB Barcelona

Mechanisms of Cancer Genome Rearrangements

  • Peter Ly of UT Southwestern Medical Center

 Cellular Quiescence and Tumor Dormancy

  • Hilary Coller of UCLA


Addressing disparities among populations in cancer research

  • Carla Daniela Robles Espinoza, PhD of International Laboratory for Human Genome Research, National Autonomous University of Mexico
  • Cassie Kline, MD, MAS of University of Pennsylvania


Fusion Oncogene

  • James Amatruda, MD, PhD of USC
  • Kimberly Stegmaier, MD of Harvard University

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