Dynamic Histone Methylation and Chromatin Organization in Tumor Suppression

Our final meeting in March will focus on Dynamic Histone Methylation and Chromatin Organization in Tumor Suppression. A multitude of activities and functions have arisen around the enzymes that provide specific methylation marks on histones, and which are perturbed in cancer. These enzymes, for example SETD2, are no longer considered as simple factors in the specificities of methylation. Recent data suggests that spatial distribution, dynamic activity, structural composition, as well as non-histone targets adds to the complexity of these interactions as they pertain to cancer. The recent explosion of mutations in the histone tail residues as well as methyltransferase domain mutants has led to potential for siloing as the field grapples with the diverse functions of these proteins. A meeting of this nature has potential to advance the science of histone biology in cancer suppression and to bridge in the many additional targets and factors involved, bringing investigators approaching this problem from a diverse array of angles.

This meeting will be chaired by Kimryn Rathmell, MD, PhD, Vanderbilt University and Brian D. Strahl, PhD, University of North Carolina.

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