WGFRF COVID-19 Recovery Grant

We can all agree that this has been one of the strangest years of our lifetime. It has been challenging to figure out how the Forbeck Foundation fits into a landscape where people are no longer able to convene. In 2020, we were scheduled to host ten meetings per year with an annual program budget over $300k.  Unfortunately, we were only able to host one meeting in 2020.  

Our fall newsletter reported on the damage done to cancer research due to the shutdown and COVID-19 generally. In response, the Forbeck Foundation, for the interim, is realigning its’ programs to help with the funding gap and to restart research.  

The COVID Recovery Grant is dedicated to Forbeck Scholars who had research destroyed or lost due to the pandemic. These requests will be for already existing projects that would not be able to continue without this assistance. Requests will cover very specific needs such as:  

  • The recovery of lab materials (such as medications or materials that expired)
  • The loss of investigational animals
  • Materials that are harder to get or more expensive now due to shortages.
  • Employees such as a lab technician that would otherwise not be able to be kept on and are needed to finish an experiment.

An unfortunate side effect of the global pandemic has been that cancer research has been put on the back burner, even though in 2020 it will kill over 600k loved ones. This funding will help resuscitate crucial research.

We know in these uncertain times it is difficult to give. Fundraising is down across the board for all non-profits. We hope you will be able to join us in supporting this effort and keeping cancer research moving forward.  All of us at the Forbeck Foundation wish you all safe and Happy Holidays.

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