Scholar Application

The Foundation is looking for outstanding junior clinical or post-doctoral fellows to attend the Forbeck Forums. In 2019 the Forbeck Foundation will be accepting applications for the following meetings

  • February 20-23, 2020: Leveraging Synthetic Lethality to Treat Cancer

  • March 19-22, 2020: Cellular Reprogramming and Metastatic Disease

  • April 23-26, 2020: Graft vs. Host Disease

  • May 14-17, 2020: Uncovering New Mechanisms of LKB1

During the meeting recipients of the award have an unrivaled opportunity to interact with international experts in their particular field of cancer research. The meeting chairs will be responsible for bringing together a small group of international experts in the field to debate the topic and present their latest data to the attendees in a private setting. The meeting is held in a “think-tank” environment where active discussion of new ideas and concepts is promoted.

Scholar Award

Nominate A Scholar

The Foundation annually selects junior clinical or post-doctoral fellows to be Forbeck Scholars. Scholars attend the annual Forum their first year and four years of Retreats thereafter.  During the Forum, recipients of the award have an unrivaled opportunity to interact with international experts in a particular field of cancer research.  The Scholar Retreat, which they attend for the subsequent four years, gives them further opportunities to interact with their peers from different fields of cancer research and meet with international experts to discuss their work. Existing awardees have found these interactions invaluable in developing collaborations as well as opening up a variety of career opportunities.

This group also offers awardees the opportunity to apply for other programs sponsored by the Foundation that are only open to Forbeck Scholars such as Focus Meetings and the Collaborative Research Program. During this four year period, the Foundation will pay all expenses to attend the meetings and offer a stipend to individuals at the end of their tenure period.

Scholar Retreat

The Forbeck Foundation annually awards young oncologists with the Forbeck Scholar Award to recognize them for their achievements, research and dedication to the field. Scholar applicants go through a rigorous application process by the Scientific Advisory Board. The award has become a highly prized recognition in the field.

Each year, 16 Forbeck Scholars and 5 senior scientists, known as Mentors, are invited to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for a scientific gathering. Here, the Scholars share their research with their Scholar peers and Mentors.  The Scholar program is inclusive of attending one initial Forbeck Forum during their acceptance year, and four consecutive years of Scholar Retreats thereafter - sponsored by the Forbeck Foundation. The duration of the Scholar Program has proved to foster long lasting collaborative relationships which positively impact the cancer research field throughout the future.

The opportunity for Scholars to connect and form relationships with researchers from completely different areas of cancer research and to have a sort of peer review is one of the most valuable roles of the Retreat.  Through the Mentors, the Retreat offers Scholars guidance on practical career issues such as writing grants and preparing successful scientific publications.  

Each year, the Scholar Retreat coincides with the Foundation’s annual ‘Blue Jean Ball’ fundraiser. All Scholars attend this event, it is an opportunity to meet with families whose lives have been directly affected by cancer.   This experience resonates particularly with scientists who unlike clinicians do not have contact with patients, by putting a human face on cancer.

Key Objectives

  • Establish new and novel approaches in research to improve detection, treatment and cure rates in cancer.

  • Bridge the gap between institutions and scientific specializations to advance treatment.

  • Share issues relating to the career path of a young investigator.

Sponsor A Scholar

Please consider sponsoring a scholar for their years of participation in these important meetings.

You will have the opportunity to meet your scholar and follow their careers as well as receive recognition of your sponsorship in the newsletter, website and other publications alongside your scholar.

Each year new scholars are selected to attend the Retreat, a four-year program. Your pledge of $1,000 each year (totaling $4,000) will directly support a Scholar’s participation at the Retreat. An individual scholar will be identified with your pledge. You will be invited to the Kick-Off Dinner with the scientists and receive (2) tickets to the Blue Jean Ball each year you sponsor. This is your chance to participate in cancer research!

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